What is Google Trends and how to use it to boost your brand?

What is Google Trends

What is Google Trends and how to use it to boost your brand?

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To position your brand in the market, it’s vital to stay informed about the latest trends in order to reach users more directly and encourage them to interact with it. To achieve this, market analysis should be conducted or tools should be used that provide the necessary data about the latest trends, such as Google Trends, a free extension of Google focused on data analysis regarding the popularity of keywords in major search engines.

How to use Google Trends?

You’ll need to access Google Trends, and once you’re in, you won’t even have to register to use this free tool. Simply enter a keyword you want to know the popularity of. You can either just get the basic data you need or, on the contrary, refine your search using the filters that Google Trends allows.

You can filter your search by autonomous community, period (you can review search volume on Google recorded since 2004!), refine by category, based on content theme, and by type of search (web, images, news, YouTube videos, or Shopping).

Most interestingly, from searching for a term, Google Trends will indicate other related search trends, so you can explore the right trends for your business.

Google Trends

Practical case with Google Trends

Let’s consider the case where we have an NBA T-shirt e-commerce. We would like to know what potential buyers are searching for on Google to promote these products or consider adding them to our catalog.

We filter for the last 3 months and see that in related topics, trends such as “Pants”, “Pau Gasol” “Milwaukee Bucks” “Retro Style” “Los Angeles Lakers” “Phoenix Suns” “NBA All-Star Game 2023” and “Boston Celtics” are increasing.

Additionally, in related queries, queries with higher search volume such as “Cheap NBA Jerseys” and “NBA Basketball Jerseys” are detected.

How can I apply these data to my e-commerce? With these trends identified, I can work on web positioning or invest in Shopping campaigns for my NBA pants, Pau Gasol’s Los Angeles Lakers jerseys, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Suns jerseys, the jerseys from the latest edition of the All-Star Game, and try to rank for terms like “Nike NBA Jerseys,” “Cheap NBA Jerseys,” and “NBA Basketball Jerseys.” I could also consider giving more space within my website to the retro jerseys section.

Furthermore, I could refine the trends even further to specific products such as jerseys of certain players and seasons.

Google Trends

Advantages of Google Trends in 2023

One of the biggest advantages of Google Trends is that all the data provided is collected in real-time and it also shows the geographical distribution of the popularity of a search term for a product or a brand.

With Google Trends, you can identify search trends for specific keywords, compare popularity between different terms, research competitors, as well as identify potential opportunities for your business, and plan advertising campaigns. Staying abreast of the latest trends is also crucial for improving the SEO positioning of our website.

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